How Surrey is leading the in-car drive to digital radio


Nothing quite beats a road trip accompanied by your favourite digital radios stations. But while most new road vehicles come with DAB radio as standard, the majority of the UK’s 34 million cars still need upgrading to digital.

This means that millions of people are missing out on a huge library of digital-only radio stations – all broadcasting a diverse range of unmissable content in crystal-clear audio quality. We’re here to change this statistic...and the drive to digital starts in Surrey!

Go Digital: Surrey

The future of radio is digital. This is no exception in Surrey; an area with superb DAB reception and over 50 digital stations available at the touch of a button. So, if you already love listening to your favourite digital stations at home, why miss it in your car? That’s why we’re working local garages, broadcasters and retailers in Surrey to make it easier than ever for drivers to get digital radio on the road!

Getting DAB in your car is a lot easier than you think; with the installation of a clever adapter that attaches neatly to the dashboard and lets you listen through your existing stereo system! To prove just how simple it is, a digital radio tick mark installer will upgrade a Surrey tractor to digital radio at a special launch event on Friday 13 October!

So, what’s the best way to get amazing digital radio in your car?

Highway in-car adapters

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your car radio to DAB – and our Highway 400 and 600 adapters offer the perfect in-car solution. Working seamlessly with any vehicle’s audio system, the adapter can be installed tidily with no trailing cables and works through aux-in or over an unused FM frequency. A wireless controller which mounts to the dashboard makes it easy to control your driving soundtrack and the Highway automatically tunes to all available digital stations for a hassle-free journey ahead.

On top of digital radio, the adapters feature wireless Bluetooth and Spotify music streaming for a tailored driving soundtrack. There’s also the ability to tag songs you hear on the radio and add them straight to playlists on your smartphone. Owners of the Highway 600 can even enjoy hands-free calling on the road.

Where should you go for a digital radio car upgrade?

DAB radio upgrades are available in more places than ever across Surrey. There are now digital radio tick mark installers on hand to install a Highway adapter quickly and neatly at retailers and garages throughout the area, including Kwik Fit in Guildford.

A host of great local radio stations are also getting in on the Go Digital action. Be sure to tune into Eagle Radio, Jack FM and Premier Christian Radio for the latest car upgrade info and chances win Highway in-car adapters!

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