The legendary bands we want to reunite

Everyone’s experienced it – and it hurts. There’s no feeling quite like the heart-wrenching moment you discover your favourite band has broken up. All that love and devotion down the pan for nothing! But if you could have your say, who would you bring back to relive the glory days?

At Pure, we love nothing more than to reminisce back to those better times. So why not join us as we count down the legendary bands we want to see bury the hatchet and get back together. 

Led Zeppelin

As the tumultuous years passed, Zeppelin went from strength to strength. Not only were they breaking sales records, but they did this while cementing their status as musical innovators. However, the band’s rip-roaring journey came to an abrupt halt in 1980 when the group disbanded following drummer John Bonham’s death.

Though the remaining members reformed for a spectacular one-off concert in 2007, it only served as a cruel reminder of the band’s sheer brilliance. Fans are still longing for a full reunion tour, and even though rumours often circulate, they are quickly put to rest by the group.

For the time being, guess we'll just have to settle with repeatedly watching back clips from that epic O2 Arena gig in 2007. As you can probably tell, the rock gods haven't lost it. Enjoy:

The Kinks

Living with a sibling can be testing at times. So spare a thought for Ray and Dave Davies, who somehow managed to keep The Kinks afloat for over 30 years despite endless bickering and vicious scuffles.

The group found early success with timeless hits such as You Really Got Me and Sunny Afternoon, but the brotherly bond soon withered at the hands of an arduous touring and recording schedule. By the late 80s, the Cockney group’s stock had tumbled so dramatically that they all agreed to call it quits.

Fractious relations aside, The Kinks remain one of the most influential bands of all time. Their stunning back catalogue, which showcases Ray Davies’ genius knack for song writing, is a perfect snapshot of working class Britain in the late 20th century. 

Although the Davies brothers joined forces for an emotional performance in December 2015, Ray has recently laughed off the idea of any meaningful reunion – dismissing the notion as “romantic.” While we can only dream, at least the brothers' brief get-together gave us a sweet reminder of just how magnetising The Kinks once were.


ABBA’s incarnation all began in Stockholm in 1972 when two Swedish couples tried their hand at forming a pop group. Little would Benny and Anni- Frid or Bjorn and Agnetha know that they’d become one of the best-selling music artists of all time; topping the charts worldwide, selling over 380 million records and even winning the Eurovision Song Contest! And just to prove the annual event has always been a toe-curlingly cheesy, here's some footage to prove it:

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Things actually started to fall apart at the height of the band’s popularity, with both relationships struggling under the immense strain of stardom. By 1981, both marriages had collapsed. Despite this, ABBA continued to perform until 1982 – though with a new, darker sound which contrasted heavily to their disco pop sound. 

Given the group’s severed relations, chances of a full-blown reunion are pretty slim. Despite this, they've made several public appearances together since disbanding – most notably for the premiere of the Mamma Mia film. But just take a moment to imagine how glorious a mass sing-along, headline performance at Glastonbury would be. If you’re an ABBA fan, you’ll be begging the Swedes to take a chance on it.


As The Kinks proved, brothers and rock bands are a lethal combination. But what’s most impressive about the Manchester world-beaters is that they lasted as long as they did.

Fronted by the infamous, and oh so erratic, Gallagher brothers, Oasis shot to stardom quicker than any British band ever had. By the zenith of their career, the band had sold out back-to-back concerts at Knebworth – which to this day garnered the largest demand for a show in British history.

Fans from across the nation, and even the globe, flocked to the Hertfordshire site to witness a force of nature in full effect. Catch a glimpse of the action below:

However, the band’s hedonistic lifestyle soon took its toll and tensions flared to epic proportions. There may have tell-tale signs throughout their career, but what concluded in the summer of 2009 still shocked the world of music to its core. After a ferocious backstage brawl, which even turned violent, the siblings finally decided to pack Oasis in. The split was as acrimonious as you’d expect – with both Gallaghers still trading blows to this day. 

These days, a week doesn’t seem to go by in music land without murmurs of a prospective reunion. While those in the know claim a reunion is nailed on in the not so distant future, both brothers continue to refute any sort of a reconciliation. We'd recommend not getting too hung up on the whole affair, because as Oasis famously once said: you've got to roll with it!

The Smiths

While you should “never say never”, in this case you probably can. The bad blood between members of this iconic Mancunian indie band is still as rife as ever. Frontman Morrissey remains the most indignant, recently stating “it’s no longer a question of time or wounds, but simply that the issue is now so remote that the question doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Since their split, Morrissey and halllowed guitarist Johnny Marr have enjoyed great success. The former has forged a commendable solo career, while the latter has tried his hand at numerous side projects and a recent solo venture.

But considering they’re one of a few heritage acts where all members are alive and well, the whole debacle seems such as shame. For a band who put indie music on the map, it would be a dream to see them take a final lap of honour. But unfortunately, a dream it will remain.

Suffice to say, there’s more chance of pigs flying than The Smiths burying the hatchet. So let's make the best of a bad situation and wallow in the misery of one of the band's classic hits. 

Spice Girls

“The Spice Girls?!?” That's probably what the musical snobs are shouting at their screens as they read this – but just hear us out. Back in the 1990s, the Spice Girls were luminaries of their time. Achieving what most girl bands can only dream of, they managed to capture the hearts of girls and young women all over the globe.

Igniting somewhat of a revolution, the ‘girl power’ phenomenon empowered females from all backgrounds. Behind a veil of cheesy, yet criminally catchy, pop songs, the five girls delivered an impassioned message which resonates today more than ever.

A full reunion, especially in the dark world we live in today, would be the perfect dose of unabashed pop that's needed.