Pure Connect Music Service Goes Live in the U.S


Labels and retailers get behind integrated music service and wireless multiroom system with unparalleled synchronization technology

Jongo family with app

Pure announces that its Pure Connect on-demand music service is now available in the U.S. This launch, in combination with Jongo (a fully integrated music service and multiroom speaker system) has support from independent and major music labels – including Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group - and will be available through U.S. retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon with more to follow.

Pure Connect has been designed to work seamlessly with Pure’s Jongo multiroom music system and uniquely offers users free access to live and on-demand radio content; as well as their own music collection and a subscription music service enabling millions of tracks to be streamed throughout their home with the option to listen offline. Jongo is the first multiroom system to deliver the sync performance and quality of a wired system in a wireless setting, and is a superior technological solution compared to others on the market today.

Pure has developed Jongo to be a truly multi-platform system to cater for the increase in smartphone and tablet ownership. The majority of Americans (56 percent) now own a smartphone and 34 percent of American adults also own a tablet. Jongo can be controlled via both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets while Pure Connect can be enjoyed through these devices and PCs making the system incredibly flexible and accessible to the mainstream.

“More than half of U.S. consumers surveyed indicated they would be likely to buy a product like Jongo and engage with streaming digital music, but currently Internet radio and on demand music services represent a relatively small proportion of total U.S. radio listening ,” said Nick Hucker, director of marketing, Pure. “This leaves a huge audience who want to try streaming but haven’t found the right product or service. We’ve developed Jongo and Pure Connect to work seamlessly together to cater for this mainstream audience and the way people want to listen to music now.”

The Next Wave in Consumer Audio

Audio has been a key consumer category in recent years with first the boom in iPod docking systems and then the recent explosion in Bluetooth speakers and premium headphones for casual listening. Wi-Fi multiroom speakers, which are suited for a more immersive and connected listening experience, are poised to be the ‘next big thing’ in consumer audio and will represent a growing part of the wireless speaker market, which will eclipse the speaker dock market. By 2017 the global market for wireless speakers is expected to reach 18.5m units, compared to a speaker dock market of 16.7m units by this time.

“Digital music consumption is at a tipping point and mainstream consumers are starting to embrace streaming,” continued Nick Hucker. “These music fans are looking for an effortless way to stream their music collection and Pure has addressed this in a way that no one else has so far. Pure Connect and Jongo integrates live radio (which is consumed by over 240 million adults in the U.S and the single greatest way for consumers to discover new music), millions of streamable tracks, and your own digital music collection, which is significant as digital files have now surpassed the CD, Vinyl or Cassette combined as a more common means of listening to audio.  The integration of all this content with Pure’s Jongo multiroom speaker system adds up to the killer combination that consumers need to propel them into the wireless streaming age.”

Pure Connect & Jongo

Pure Connect transforms smartphones and tablets into the ultimate remote control for Pure’s Jongo multiroom speaker system allowing users to listen to beautifully synchronized audio throughout the home. Jongo multiroom speakers benefit from Pure’s excellence in audio, streaming and synchronization technology making Jongo one of the most advanced multiroom speaker systems available.

The family consists of the Jongo A2 wireless hi-fi adapter; Jongo S3 rechargeable, portable wireless speaker; Jongo T2 and Jongo T6 wireless multiroom speakers. Currently, one of the only systems to offer both wireless multiroom and casual Bluetooth streaming, Jongo offers users the best of both worlds and a truly immersive experience. Users can simply add extra Jongo speakers or adapters on the same Wi-Fi network to build their multiroom system.

The Jongo multiroom speaker system is available now in approximately 2,800 Walmart stores and on Walmart.com, in addition to more than 300 Best Buy locations and can be ordered now online at Amazon.com. Please visit www.pure.com and www.pureconnect.com for more information.