Jongo on the move


Pure’s Jongo wireless speakers allow you to take great sound anywhere- and we asked Pure fans to send us pictures of their favourite places to listen to their music.

The four audio settings on the S3 allows the vibrant sound to be tailored to whatever environment you’re in, and the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections mean you can listen at home or on the move.

Take a look at our favourite pictures of these Jongos on their travels!

Jongo can be used on its own or grouped together with other speakers to deliver the most flexible and accessible multiroom audio system in the home, as these fans have found out.

Jongo at home


This mango S3 fits perfectly with the rest of the decor in this home, or it can be taken outside thanks to the outdoor boost. It also makes the perfect holiday companion, seen below on a camping trip and joining a couple on their honeymoon!



However, it isn't just the UK that the  Jongos are spending time in. These pictures come from across the globe, with S3s and the newest members, T2, T4 and T6 travelling to Tuscany and America.

Tuscany 2Tuscsany

When going stateside, Jongo covered both the East and West Coast taking in New York, San Francisco and LA on it's American press tour. The new T2, and T6 seen below at lunch in New York, are now available with T4 coming soon, and the A2 can also be used to transform your existing hi-fi set up into the ideal music system.

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NY Taxi

Jongo Evan