Digital radios stop the confusion over clock changes!


Siesta Mi 2 White LifestyleEarly on Sunday morning - 28th October - the clocks go back one hour, which means you get an extra hour in bed. However, it can mean that when you wake up you are a little unsure of what the actual time is.

With a digital radio you can be sure you wake up to the right time as digital radios automatically sync to the correct time ensuring a smooth transition into the new time zone. This is also the same for our connected products.

Pure TwilightDespite the joys of having an extra hour in bed we now have the misery of coming home in the dark and feeling that extra bit tired. But with a Pure Twilight you can brighten up those dark nights with colourful mood lighting with our favourite being 'party' mode!


So never fear, digital radio is here, making sure you know what time it is!

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