PURE supports EST's Energy Saving Week, Oct 24th-28th


It's only a short time to go before the Energy Saving Trust's 15th annual Energy Saving Week and this year they are focusing on households and how you can “Take back control of your energy bills”. For ten top tips on how to reduce the cost of the dreaded January bill then visit http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Easy-ways-to-stop-wasting-energy/Stop-wasting-energy-and-cut-your-bills/Tips-to-help-you-stop-wasting-energy/Top-ten-tips

PURE take energy saving very seriously when designing new products and can now boast that the majority of PURE's range has been accredited by the Energy Saving Trust. Products endorsed by the scheme have to satisfy an Independent Endorsement Panel of experts, and have to meet strict energy efficiency criteria which means they are not only better for the environment but are also cheaper to run.

These products are part of EcoPlus™, a statement of PURE's ethical philosophy and ongoing commitment to looking after the environment. All PURE products are designed to minimise their environmental impact and manufactured in ethically approved and audited facilities. They have reduced power consumption in operation and standby, use recycled packaging materials, have the smallest possible packaging and components selected to minimise environmental impact.

But what else do we do to help reduce those running costs?

The Twilight (SRP £119.99) demonstrates this well as it combines an energy efficient lamp featuring flexible lighting options with a digital and FM radio alarm clock to deliver the ultimate bedside experience.

Twilight’s six LED lights use 5.4W compared to the 45W of an equivalent incandescent bulb and provide a whole range of lighting options from a warm glowing nightlight, dawn simulation and coloured mood lighting to a simple bright reading lamp. Twilight is also a fully featured digital and FM radio or you can plug in your iPod/MP3 player. You can set up to four alarms with optional dawn simulation, plug in USB accessories or charge your mobile using the handy PowerPort. Other features include a headphone socket, sleep timer, large autodimming LCD display, touch-sensitive controls and satin-touch finish.

The light sensor also cleverly adjusts the brightness of the display to that of your room so there's no 'glare' in a softly lit room.

But what about our battery operated radios?

A PURE ChargePAK battery pack offers a solution to ongoing battery replacement with true fit-and forget portability. The ChargePAK charges while the radio is plugged into the mains so that the user never has to purchase, fit or charge new batteries again. PURE offers four types of ChargePAKs to power our portables. ChargePAKs are much more economical than regular batteries and significantly kinder to the environment, reducing the quantity of batteries that end up in landfill sites.   

ChargePAk 6CL, Suitable for EVOKE-2XT, EVOKE-3, Elan II, Elan DX40, Elan RV40, ONE, ONE Classic and ONE Elite.

The Avanti Flow, EVOKE-2s and Sirroco 550 also have a mains power switch on the back panel for those who don’t wish to leave their radio on standby.