Beat daylight saving with PURE's bedside range


The recent weather warns that winter is on its way and on the 31st October the clocks are set to go back by an hour when the UK changes from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time. This may mean an extra hour in bed on Monday morning for some, but for those who forget, the result is an early start and an extra hour at work! Many people routinely forget about the clocks changing, or just worry about getting up at the wrong time as a result of the change.

Thankfully, PURE is here to help with its bedside range which automatically update their clocks, ensuring a smooth transition into the new time zone. Click on the pictures to download high res cut out images.

Chronos CD Series II (SRP £99.99) is a digital and FM radio with CD player.  There are enhanced controls including a rotary volume dial and large, easy-to-use buttons. There are also lots of easy-to-use bedside features such as four independent alarms for waking to digital/ FM radio, CD or a tone; adjustable sleep and snooze timers and a light sensor which automatically dims the display. Thanks to handy front-panel connectors, an iPod/ MP3 player or headphones can be connected. A matching remote control is also supplied.

Click to downloadThe Siesta Mi (SRP £39.99)  is PURE's most affordable bedside digital and FM radio.  Incredibly easy-to-use, Siesta Mi is a compact version of the PURE Siesta, which has been the best selling bedside radio in the UK since launch. Two independent alarms can be set to wake the user to digital radio, FM or a tone, and can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. The large clear display is easy to read at night and automatically adjusts to suit the light levels of the room. Sleep and snooze timers allow the user to go to speep and wake up in a relaxed frame of mind, and despite its compact dimensions, Siesta Mi has also been engineered to provide surprisingly punchy audio quality and volume.

Siesta Flow (SRP £99.99) is PURE's digital and internet connected bedside radio and is PURE’s most affordable to date. Not only incorporating PURE’s award-winning ‘Flow’ technology, the Siesta Flow also includes digital and FM radio. A stylish way to wake up to a world of internet radio, Siesta Flow provides access to 365 different alarm tones – one for every day of the year.

Siesta iDock (SRP £89.99) is a stereo digital and FM clock radio with iPod and iPhone dock, which is fully compliant with Apple’s “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” programmes. Track and ‘now playing’ information is displayed on the Siesta iDock screen and users can control their iPod/ iPhone via the radio. Siesta iDock is compact, but sounds great and includes: A large auto-dimming display; four quick-set alarms; sleep and snooze timers and 15 DAB/FM presets.