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We’ve decided to let you behind the scenes at Pure as we lift the lid on the innovative design of our first smart speaker, DiscovR. Dave Newton, Global Concept Manager, details the story behind the design process.

We know the importance of convenience, so when speaking to Alexa isn’t practical, Quick Corners lets you pre-set up to four commands and quickly launch them with a simple tap. Here are five hugely useful ways of personalising your smart speaker experience to make the most of this unique feature.

We may be getting closer to the end of 2019, but the huge new music releases are showing no signs of slowing down. So, check out our top picks for the month, including tunes from Coldplay, Dua Lupa, Kanye and more. To top it off, we’ve even treated you to a massive Spotify playlist, with 30 freshly dropped new tracks. Result!