The 10 coolest band t-shirts you need to own


A band t-shirt is the ultimate wardrobe staple for any discerning music fan. Often worn as a badge of honour, it’s the perfect way of displaying your exquisite taste in music, while also looking super on trend.  

The most iconic tees can come in differing shapes and forms. Whether it flaunts a simple band emblem, an evocative slogan or eye-popping graphic design, this humble item of band memorabilia can instantly upgrade any outfit to the upper reaches of coolness.

In honour of BBC Radio 6 Music’s awesome Wear Your Band T-Shirt To Work Day, we’ve picked out ten of the best.


The perfect starting point for any band t-shirt aficionado. Inspired by imagery of The Presidential Seal, New York City artist and life-long friend of the band, Arturo Vega, created this beauty. Emblazoned with riotous punk group’s motto of ‘Hey. Ho. Let’s Go’ and the names of each Ramones member, this 70s design is rightly considered as the quintessential band tee.


Fancy reliving those glory Britpop years? This is the t-shirt for you! A minimalist design featuring the Oasis logo, you’ll be replicating the Gallagher brothers’ swagger in no time with this understated number.  

The Strokes

As well as kick-starting an indie revolution in the early noughties, these effortlessly edgy New Yorkers also happened to boast one of coolest tees going. Combine with scruffy hair, super skinny jeans and beaten up pumps to complete the look!


As widespread as the Tamagotchi was in the 90s, you’d be hard-pressed to find a teenager pre-Millennium who didn’t own Nirvana’s timeless ‘smiley face’ tee. The logo itself was drawn by legendary frontman Kurt Cobain and its legacy lives on with all manner of the band’s memorabilia – which still sells like hot-cakes all over the world.

Joy Division

Using the iconic artwork from the Joy Division’s seminal debut album, this was always going to be a stunning t-shirt design. Peter Saville, the Mancunian graphic designer behind it all, based the image on a radio wave graph he discovered in The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy.


When it comes to hip-hop tees, nothing touches this Run DMC classic. The group’s striking logo is the perfect match with a fresh pair of kicks and gold chain; just like how Rev Run and co used to rock it.

Rolling Stones

This must be the king of all band logos. Inspired by Mick Jagger’s mouth and lips, designer John Pasche created the artwork for the rockers in 1971 for a mere for £50. Since then, the logo dubbed ‘Hot Lips’ has been a mainstay on all Stones merchandise.


This one’s for all the metal-heads out there. Channel your inner rock god with this tee based on the artwork for Metallica’s stunning third album. Wear it oversized for the ultimate grunge look.  

The Who

Another superb logo tee, this time featuring The Who’s immediately recognisable bullseye design. A badge of honour for any self-respecting Mod. For authenticity, this one looks best worn cruising down the streets on a shiny Vespa.


Created in 1983 by British fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, this politically charged t-shirt’s bold slogan was the message for a popular anti-drug and anti-suicide campaign. It was officially adopted by pop sensations Wham! in the music video for Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and soon became the must-have fashion statement for that era.


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