Did you know.....


ImagesThe Jongo system is controlled by the free Pure Connect app?

The Jongo multiroom system is perfect for listening to music stored on your smartphone or tablet, but did you know that using the free Pure Connect app can open up a world of radio stations too? Over 20,000 in fact. Some dedicated to playing one particular genre of music, others with fabulous talk shows and thousands offering on-demand programmes at your fingertips. Not only that but each time you open the app, your recommended radio podcasts and programmes are listed, along with ‘New for you’ suggestions too.

If you want to take advantage of the millions of tracks available for streaming on Pure Connect then take a look at our subscriptions packages below:

Pure Connect Green (free forever)

  •  Ideal for radio, music, sports and news fans; tune into live radio, catch-up with on-demand programmes, save favourites and play all the music stored on your device
  •  Over 20,000 radio stations
  •  More than 200,000 on-demand podcasts and programmes

Pure Connect Blue (free for a month and then £4.99 a month)

  •  Unlimited streaming of millions of tracks on top of your own music and lets you discover new artists and create playlists

Pure Connect Violet (£9.99 a month)

  •  Take your music wherever you go: online and off. One app-tap downloads your playlists so you can listen wherever you are.

For more information please contact jenny.robinson@pure.com