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Playing audio content simultaneously across multiple devices has never been so convenient and audibly pleasing. Playing your music via the Pure Connect app to two or more Jongo spekers will provide a sound which is seamlessly synchronised for a truly class leading multispeaker and multiroom experience.

All Jongo speakers feature unparalleled synchronisation technology which allows users to create an immersive stereo audio experience, simply by pairing two of the same speakers in a room. Jongo T2, T4 and T6 speakers come with this feature already loaded and Jongo S3 can be upgraded with a free software update. Setting up stereo pairing couldn’t be easier; simply use the Pure Connect app on your Smartphone or tablet to ‘pair’ two S3, T2, T4 or T6 speakers. Multiple speaker pairs can be set up within one household, which is ideal for larger rooms. Having a range of speaker sizes allows you to pair smaller speakers such as the T2 or T4 and then combine them with a larger Jongo speaker such as the T6 in a larger room to distribute and enjoy a perfectly balanced sound experience at your leisure. Treble and bass control has also been added to the new version of the app.

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