Twilight launch photos


PURE launched Twilight, the world's first dawn simulator with digital radio, yesterday (23rd November 2010) at 51 Beak Street in central London. The venue was separated into two rooms; the first was themed 'wake up with PURE Twilight' and the second 'go to sleep with PURE Twilight'.

Guests from both the press and the radio industry attended the drop-in launch. They were treated to bucks fizz in the 'wake up' room and mulled wine in the 'go to sleep' room. Guests in the 'wake up' room experienced the dawn simulation, different alarm settings and alarm tones such as 'cockerel' and 'church bell'. The room was filled with the reviving sounds of the dawn chorus as well as other rousing sounds such as 'thunder and rain'.

A child's bed was set up in the 'go to sleep' room and the Twilight demo units were set to  lullabies or soothing sounds such as 'babbling brook' or 'crackling fire'. The Twilight by the bed was set as a night light to show how it could be used in a child's bedroom.  Other bedtime features on show included PURE's PowerPort which enables you to plug in a powered USB accessory such as a mobile phone charger.

Absolute Radio was situated just around the corner from the launch venue so we tuned a Twilight in and set the light to party mode. Guests left having had the full Twilight experience so watch this space for some great reviews!