PURE launches i-20, a ground-breaking hi-fi quality digital iPod dock


PURE, the world-leading radio maker, presents i-20, a ground-breaking digital iPod/iPhone dock that allows users to seamlessly integrate their digital music and video collection into their hi-fi or AV system.

Available for just £74.99, this next generation model supports all digital audio output compatible iPod models including the iPod Touch and iPhone. Users can connect to a hi-fi system or radio using digital or analogue outputs. When connected via the analogue output, the i-20’s hi-fi quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) ensures that the sound quality from high bit-rate compressed or uncompressed iPod tracks is delivered flawlessly. i-20 also includes video outputs to allow users to view videos stored on their iPhone or iPod on their TV. i-20 is the only digital iPod dock available that supports all popular analogue video formats.

Compact, sleek and ergonomically designed, the PURE i-20 will complement any system or room and connects an iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone. The iPod/ iPhone charges while docked and can be controlled and navigated using the supplied remote control.

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Click on the images to download high res versions.