Sensia In Focus


Sensia – The world’s first visual radio with large colour touchscreen and advanced user-interface



Brief overview of key features:-

  • 5.7” high resolution 640 x 480 pixel colour, capacitive glass touchscreen
  • Flow technology for internet radio, listen again, podcasts, media streaming and PURE Sounds (ambient and fun sounds)
  • Sensia includes ‘Apps’ and comes with a custom weather ‘App’. Future Apps will include Twitter, news, Facebook and many more
  • Station slideshows on digital radio stations via Wi-Fi and where supplied by the broadcaster
  • Clearsound™ technology for 30W RMS of stereo sound and lower power consumption
  • Connects to the PURE lounge –
  • Digital radio and FM with RDS
  • Input for iPod/ MP3 player via aux-in
  • Portable – optional ChargePAK available as accessory
  • Alarm, countdown and sleep timers
  • Headphone socket
  • RF matching remote control – allows users to control the device from up to 10m away without direct line-of-sight
  • Comes with an adjustable tilt stand
  • Eco-friendly - part of PURE’s EcoPlus range

 Useful info:-


  • ChargePAK™ E1 battery (SRP £34.99 inc VAT)
  • i-10 Universal iPod dock (SRP £34.99 inc VAT)
  • Ethernet dongle – available soon
  • Pack of screen protectors (transparent and mirror effect) – available soon
  • Cleaning kit – special cleaning liquid with applicator – available soon

 Reviewing Tips:-

  • How to switch on your Sensia: Press and hold silver button on top of unit.
  • Auto-tuning: Perform auto-tune function to ensure all DAB stations in your area are accessible. Auto-tune should happen automatically the first time you switch Sensia on. If you take Sensia to a different location and need to auto-tune again, make sure you are in DAB mode, that your aerial is extended, go to settings and tap the autotune icon.
  • Portability: Use optional ChargePAK™ to activate screen without plugging into mains (a short charge maybe necessary)
  • Binding the remote control: The remote control supplied with Sensia should work out of the box. However should it need re-binding, follow the on-screen instructions in the settings menu.

Q&A:  -

  • Does Sensia play back video content? No, Sensia plays back slide show images, ‘Apps’ and album artwork
  • What slideshow content will be on Sensia? Selected DAB stations are providing slideshow content via Wi-Fi consisting of ‘now playing’, sponsorships, special features, travel info, adverts, news, competitions etc. Sensia will display a default slide show provided by PURE for stations that don’t offer slide show content yet.
  • Can you see slideshow content on internet stations as well as DAB stations? Not right now but you will be able to in the future..
  • Can Sensia be connected via Ethernet? There will be an Ethernet dongle accessory for Sensia that will allow this. This will be available soon.
  • Can you interact with the Twitter/ Facebook Apps? Yes you can interact with the Twitter App and you will be able to interact with the Facebook App when it becomes available.
  • Can I password protect my Twitter/ Facebook Apps? Yes
  • Does Sensia use the Reciva portal? No, Sensia uses PURE’s proprietary radio and media portal, the PURE lounge –
  • Can you use Sensia if you don’t have a WiFi connection? Yes you will be able to listen to DAB and FM stations if you have reception although you won’t see any of the visual content such as slideshows
  • What additional ‘Apps’ and services are planned for Sensia? News, weather, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter and more. PURE plans to launch an SDK (software development kit) so that third parties can develop ‘Apps’ for Sensia. These will be made available on the PURE Lounge (
  • Why connect Sensia to the PURE Lounge? Connecting to the PURE Lounge allows you to organise your favourites into folders and update your radio from your computer. You don’t have to register your radio on The PURE Lounge but it will enhance your listening experience.
  • Is Sensia based on Linux? Yes