How to use Twitter on Sensia


The Twitter App on Sensia is now available

To log in to Twitter, tap the cog in the visual panel (top right) and type in your user name and password making sure you 'ok' both the username and password with the green button on the keyboard. To post a tweet, simply tap the cog again, tap 'post' and type in your post. Dismiss the keyboard with the green button and then tap the bird icon in the bubble to make the post. In a couple of seconds, a bubble will appear saying  - 1 new result, which you tap to view your post. In addition you can make a reply tweet to one on screen by tapping the bird icon to the right of an existing comment.

Also on the 'remember me' option when you log in, if you select (green) then your details are encrypted and stored for future log-on. If you don't do this, your log-in details will be lost whenever you cause the twitter application to restart. A restart occurs when disconnecting power, switching on from standby or even scrolling to the weather App as only 1 App can run on the radio at once. Scrolling to slide show or photoviewer will leave the current App in memory so that won’t cause a restart\re-log in.