Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts


PURE radios make a great gift for anyone interested in eco friendly products and energy efficiency. PURE's entire range is part of EcoPlus, PURE's green initiative and the majority of the range has been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Best for Eco Chic – EVOKE Mio SRP £149.99

For those looking to achieve eco chic at home, EVOKE Mio offers the perfect finishing touch as it comes in five on-trend colours: chilli, candy, moss, midnight and chocolate, all with a two-tone leather and cream suede effect finish. EVOKE Mio is also the perfect radio to take out and about thanks to its integrated, rechargeable battery pack with up to 24 hours of battery life per charge.  Other features include an input for an iPod/MP3 player, an alarm and kitchen timer.



Best for Eco affordability – ONE Mini SRP £44.99

ONE Mini is a great gift for those who like to listen to digital and FM radio around the house or out and about as it is small and light and takes a rechargeable battery pack (SRP £24.99), which provides up to 20 hours of portable listening. At £44.99, the ONE Mini is PURE’s most affordable radio yet, delivering quality and energy saving at a new price point and in three different colours, black, white and pink.


Best for Eco bedtime – Siesta iDock SRP £89.99

Siesta iDock is one of PURE’s newest products to receive a recommendation from the Energy Saving Trust. Integrating a dock for your iPod/iPhone, Siesta iDock comes with a whole host of useful bedside features including a large auto-dimming display, four quick-set alarms, digital and FM radio and a PowerPort, providing power for handy USB accessories.

The four individual alarms can be set for weekdays only, weekends only or as a one-off. A sleep timer allows you to drop off to your favourite station and there’s an adjustable snooze time for an extra lie-in when you deserve it.

[caption id="attachment_218" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="iPod not included"]1._Siesta_iDock_front_with_ipod[/caption]




Best for Eco audio - EVOKE-2S SRP £169.99

For anyone with an ear for great-sounding audio and a desire to be eco-friendly, the award-winning EVOKE-2S is the ideal gift. PURE’s dedicated audio engineering team have worked to make EVOKE-2S its best sounding portable radio yet, adding improved mid-range speakers and separate tweeters and driving them with PURE Clearsound technology. While remaining very easy to use, EVOKE-2S includes a host of features including ReVu™ to pause and rewind live digital radio, an input for an iPod/ MP3 player, alarms and timer functions plus a crystal-clear from any angle OLED display.


All PURE products are part of EcoPlus, a statement of PURE’s ethical philosophy and ongoing commitment to looking after the environment. All PURE products are designed to minimise their environmental impact and manufactured in ethically approved facilities. They have reduced power consumption in operation and standby, use recycled packaging materials, have the smallest possible packaging and components selected to minimise environmental impact.

And the majority of PURE’s range has been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust which means they meet strict energy efficiency criteria which means they are not only better for the environment but are also cheaper to run.