Live in Manchester? Then get set to re-tune your digital radio


It’s time to prepare; tonight, consider switching to an alarm tone or have a backup, we know it’s not quite the same but it will be hump day after all #everycloud.


Why? Because waking up tomorrow might not happen when it’s supposed to and we don’t want you to be late for your day ahead.

When should I re-tune? To continue to receive the Manchester ensemble of stations, you should retune your digital radios no earlier than 06:00 (6am) on Wednesday 25th May 2016.

What’s going on? Well, the Manchester local DAB digital radio multiplex, which provides you with all your favourite stations such as, BBC Radio Manchester, Key 103, Key 2, Key 3, Asian Sound Radio, Absolute Radio 90s, Heart NW, Gold, Capital FM and Smooth Radio – is changing overnight starting at 22:00 (10pm) tonight (Tuesday 24th May) and finishing by 06:00 (6am) tomorrow morning (Wednesday 25th May).  

Your digital radio won’t automatically scan for this new frequency, so you’ll wake up to a ‘station not found’ message and radio silence!

What does this all mean? Well, local DAB digital radio coverage in the Greater Manchester area will be extended and improved, using two new transmitters. Two new transmitters at Littleton and Saddleworth are due to be switched on. The transmitter at Winter Hill will have its power boosted.

The Manchester DAB multiplex is changing frequency from channel 11C to 12C, which means that your DAB radio will need to be re-tuned. This will not affect those listeners receiving local radio services on FM, MW or online, or those listening to national BBC stations such as Radio 2 and 5 Live on DAB.

How to re-tune? Typically this can be done by either pressing a re-tune or auto-tune button or by going in to the menu and selecting scan, re-tune or auto-tune.