Pure celebrates 10th anniversary in Switzerland and launches a special edition digital radio


Evoke_D2_SwissEdition_Lifestyle_PRTo celebrate 10 successful years in the Swiss retail market Pure has launched a special edition digital radio – Evoke D2 with Bluetooth Swiss Edition.

Pure has been digital radio market leader in Switzerland for 10 years and has been championing digital radio throughout this time along with radio industry partners, retailers, MCDT (Marketing and Consulting for Digital Broadcasting Technologies) and our distributor, Telanor.

From now until the end of the year we will be celebrating our anniversary with a series of competitions, events and social media activities in Switzerland.

The effort made by all parties around digital radio in Switzerland is being supported by consumers with sales of DAB+ digital radio continuing to rise in 2013, bringing the total number of digital radios in use to over 1.5 million. MCDT also report that around 100,000 vehicles in Switzerland can now receive DAB+ radio with leading car manufacturers reporting that DAB+ is now fitted as standard in 30 to 50 percent of all new cars nationwide.

EvokeD2_SwissEdition_Front_AngledAbout Evoke D2 with Bluetooth Swiss Edition:

Evoke D2 with Bluetooth - Swiss Edition is a luxury digital and FM radio with Bluetooth that comes in a sleek real wood ‘glacier’ white matt finish. In contrast to the original Evoke D2 with Bluetooth, the knobs feature red rubber rather than grey to complement the iconic Swiss flag across the speaker grill. The sleek design is finished with ‘Swiss Edition’ text in grey on top of the product.

Evoke D2 with Bluetooth - Swiss Edition is available in Switzerland now online and in-store exclusively at Brack for a special price of Fr. 159 for a limited period (www.brack.ch). For more information please visit www.pure.com.