Listen to the FA Cup Final with PURE


Don't miss Manchester City and Stoke City line up in this year's FA Cup Final.  The match kicks off at 3pm on May 14th so if you're at work or out and about with the family, make sure you've got a radio to hand so you don't miss any of the action.

Digital radio gives you numerous options for listening to football and other sports commentary. Stations that are great for sport include BBC Radio 5 Live, 5 Live Sports Extra, talkSPORT and Absolute Extra and all of these are available through digital radio in crystal clear sound quality.

Here are our radio recommendations for listening to the Cup Final wherever you are:

Listening on the move:

PocketDAB 1500: SRP £89.99

PURE's PocketDAB 1500 is ideal to use while travelling, or at an event where you want to listen without disturbing others. Digital radio and FM reception means you can stay tuned-in almost anywhere. The integrated ChargePAK gives you hours of portable listening through high-quality Sennheiser in-ear headphones.



Highway: SRP £79.99

Listen to the match crackle and hiss-free whilst driving, using the PURE Highway. The Highway is an easy to fit  in-car digital radio that also enables you to listen to your iPod/MP3  player.  When you get to your destination, Highway can be removed from the car and used as a personal DAB radio.

  Move: SRP £79.99

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       You may be enjoying the great outdoors and need a handy sized radio to keep up with the score. PURE's Move is ideal as it is small enough to fit into your palm and yet delivers surprising volume and quality for such a  compact radio. Move’s built-in rechargeable battery pack provides hours of portable listening and the optional leather case keeps it protected and looking good!



Tuning in at home:

ONE Flow: SRP £99.99

With the ONE Flow you have the choice of enjoying  the match via internet, digital or FM radio. You can even access radio shows that you've missed via listen again or you can connect your iPod or MP3 player and listen to your favourite football songs after the match. 

 Sensia: SRP £249.99

Sensia is a revolutionary internet-connected digital audio system with Flow technology and a large colour touchscreen, giving you a unique way to enjoy internet radio content and podcasts, digital and FM radio stations.The Sensia has a number of online apps, including the RSS reader app which allows the user to view RSS feeds on Sensia delivering the latest information from their favourite websites. So if you've been away from the radio for a while, you can look up the score on your chosen sports RSS feed.

EVOKE -3: SRP £199.99

The EVOKE-3 is a versatile digital and fm radio which gives you the oportunity to record the match on an SD card and listen later. View Electronic Programme Guide listings for seven days, choose the programmes you like, set multiple record times and EVOKE-3 will record over 15 hours of radio to SD memory card.

If you are listening live but need to leave the room to answer the door or make a brew, then you can pause and rewind the radio using the ReVu feature.With a great sound quality and a large, clear display the EVOKE-3 will not disappoint.

 Oasis Flow: SRP 149.99

When you need a radio to stand up to the riggors of being moved around a lot/bashed/sprayed or knocked over then the Oasis Flow is will not let you down thanks to its rugged weatherproof case, cast aluminium framework and rubber seals. Like all our products with Flow technology you can enjoy internet radio, listen again programmes, podcasts, PURE Sounds and music streaming when you’re in range of your wireless network, and digital and FM radio wherever you are.