Scala Radio promises to break the mould for classical music in the UK


Offering classical music for modern life, Scala Radio launches on DAB radio on Monday 4th March. Bringing together familiar masters along with an exciting blend of alternative hosts and diverse programming, the new station wants to reshape the way listeners think about classical.

Promising to ‘break the mould of classical music in the UK’ and promote an explosive growth for the genre, Scala Radio is set to hit the airwaves with an impressive line-up of presenters. Leading the charge is award-winning broadcaster, Simon Mayo, who will host a brand-new mid-morning entertainment show, with celebrity interviews, listener chats and more.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Mayo said: “There are hundreds of radio stations playing rock and pop, and only two classical music stations up until now. We’re different because we’re going all out to entertain, laugh with the listeners, and have a good time. Some of it will be familiar, some new and exciting but all timeless, beautiful and all absolutely relevant to today.”

Bringing a conversational side to classical, Angelica Bell will be leading the weekend broadcasting. She’ll be joined by Mark Kermode, who will explore his love of film scores, and Chris Rogers, who hosts a live Sunday brunch show with guests.

Iconic British DJ, Goldie, will also launch his own series, featuring classical music mixes and a narration of his own journey into the scene. Additionally, one of Britain’s youngest commissioned composers, 19-year-old Jack Pepper, will provide a fresh perspective to classical music on the radio. Other presenters on the line-up include William Orbit, Charles Nove, Mark Forrest, Sam Hughes and Jamie Crick.

The landscape of classical music is changing, with a huge rise in immersive music events, such as movies with a live orchestral soundtrack or Ibiza classics given a classical re-imagining. Scala Radio aims to provide the listener with this modern experience – with curated mixes, film scores and new works from cutting-edge composers like Rebecca Dale and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, alongside legendary names like Bach and Mozart.

The station will also feature topical shows covering the influence of classical music in gaming, mindfulness and special guest weekly round ups.

If you want to listen to Scala Radio, tune in on a Pure digital radio or stream the station on an internet model. You can also take the new classical station on the road with a Highway in-car adapter.

If you can't find Scala Radio on your station list, you may have to retune your Pure radio. Click here to find out how to do this.