Why Your Next Radio Should Be Digital

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Go Digital

Back in 2008, the introduction of digital TV meant we could all get more content and a clearer picture. Today, with more and more content available on digital radio it’s thought we could be working towards a switchover, just like we did with TV. Whether there is an impending switch off or not, there are still many reasons why your next radio should be a digital radio:

Greater choice

With all your favourite FM stations, as well as exclusive digital only stations like: Absolute Classic Rock, Talk Sport 2 or Jazz FM there is more choice when you switch to digital radio. You can listen to national or local stations. From jazz to rock, from debates to sporting commentary right through to hip-hop and pop, there's a station to suit everyone.

Clear sound quality

Digital radio isn’t subject to interruptions caused by weather conditions or electrical interference like FM broadcasting is. Digital radio broadcasts have no hiss and crackle, no fading, and coverage is improving constantly with new transmitters being installed all the time. You can check coverage in your area at www.getdigitalradio.com.

No more frequencies

The simplicity of finding not only favourite stations but brand new ones is an advantage of using digital radios. No more trying to remember station numbers as digital radios automatically search for all available stations displaying the station name in alphabetical order rather than the frequencies.

Broadcasting information

Ever heard a song on the radio and wanted to know the name of it or who the artist was? Another benefit of switching to digital radio is that this information can be found scrolling across the radio screen. As well as the station name and the time being displayed, visual elements such as album artwork are also starting to be introduced on some models, adding to your radio experience with some visuals.

Your music, your way

With the ever increasing introduction of new technologies, many digital radios now offer the combination of listening to radio with listening to their own music. Now you can listen to your own music your way. Whether you stream your music and playlists via Bluetooth or tune into thousands of stations from across the world thanks to internet radio, many digital radio products now offer you the choice.

The Digital Tick mark

With the above benefits of listening to digital radio, when looking to purchase a digital radio make sure to look for the digital radio approved tick. The digital radio tick mark has been designed to give you confidence when purchasing a digital radio that it is ‘future proof’ and ready for a digital radio switch over.



Digital TV launched in the UK in 1998 not 2008!