A Blog From A Spurs Fan - Football on the Move (2500)

Exploring the excitement of listening to the beautiful game AT the beautiful game!

Anyone who regularly attends Premiership football matches will be familiar with this scenario: you are watching your team but you want to know the other football scores too as this could affect league standings; you try to get the updates on your phone but signal is weak or non-existent when there are 35,000 people within a square mile; you look expectantly over the shoulder of the fan in front of you, who has 43% of the results web page loaded while you only have 16%; you hit the refresh button constantly knowing it will make no difference; you end up getting the other results 8th hand as they filter down your row from a geezer who’s mate Dave is texting him from the pub;  you continue to try the same thing every match although it just ruins your enjoyment of the live game.


As a season ticket holder of my beloved Tottenham Hotspur, in a season where they are sitting at an unprecedented 2nd in the Premiership with rivals Arsenal biting at their ankles, I decide to take my Pure Move 2500 personal DAB radio to the game with me. So as I sit there cheering on The Spurs, I am simultaneously listening to the Arsenal game, in super clear DAB quality with no buffering while getting funny looks from those around me while I’m ooooing and ahhhhing out of sync. Then Swansea score and Spurs are losing, the mood drops….but hang on…..Man United just scored against Arsenal all is not lost…I tell my mate, some people overhear and give me the appreciative nod. Minutes later Man U score again, this time I excitedly tell those around me and not just my mate, this is good news but we are still losing. We score and it’s level, we are overjoyed but then I get an Arsenal goal through on my DAB radio and upon informing ‘the others’ we all remember not to get too excited. We don’t dare to dream the Premiership title dream. There has been 2 more goals at Old Trafford, it’s 3-2 and knowing our luck, Arsenal will get one back.  Then I become a communications hub, as ‘the others’ turn to look at me for answers with their 43% loaded web pages static in hand.  With 13 minutes to go we score, it is Pure joy and ‘the others’ even turn and hug me – dare we dream? We win the game but instead of making for the exit, I feel 20 pairs of eyes on me as everyone waits for me to tell them that it’s full time in Manchester and we have gone 3 points clear of Arsenal and within 2 points of the Premiership lead. After 5 minutes (an eternity) of injury time, I feel like a rockstar as I can proudly announce to ‘my new football friends’ that our Premiership dreams are well and truly alive.


Without a standalone DAB radio, I would not have been able to experience double the joy of a Spurs win and Arsenal loss simultaneously, I would not have turned ‘the others’ into ‘football friends’. So thanks to the Pure Move 2500 for showing me the value of digital radio vs relying on mobile internet and making my weekend extra exciting. Here’s to Spurs winning the Premiership!