Don't You Dare Call Me Cute...


Last week Pure headed to London to shoot our latest video to showcase our  Evoke D2s, and were joined by an adorable actor. catty

We arrived and were immediately cooing over the British Blue kitten, who came from animal agency, A1 animals.  She was  filmed doing a number of things throughout the day and provided us with some lovely shots, even if she was a little sleepy at the end of it!

Our new 'Don't You Dare Call Me Cute' video can be viewed here.

Our Evoke D2 DAB/FM radios are packed full of features including alarms, iPod inputs and kitchen timers. The Domino and Glacier models also come with Bluetooth capability so you can play music directly from you phone or tablet. Check out all four versions on our website.

catty 2cat 3