Father's Day Gift Guide


Choosing a gift for Father's Day is a difficult one. Do you say 'thanks Dad!' with chocolate, slippers or football match tickets? I suspect most Dad's are pleased to be thought of and receive anything at all. It's the gesture that counts! Right?

For all those discerning and deserving Dad's out there who love music and radio, we have a range of gestures to suit all budgets and tastes.

Jongo_S340B_Burnt_Orange_GardenFor Dads who like the freedom of streaming their music from their smartphone or tablet to every room of the house, or even the garden, Jongo S3 is the answer. This portable, wireless speaker with WiFi and Bluetooth has 360 sound making it great for communual and outdoor listening. Jongo products use Wi-Fi to stream perfectly synchronised audio within a single or multiroom environment and users can simply add extra Jongo speakers or adapters on the same Wi-Fi network to build their multiroom system. Bluetooth allows users to stream content from any audio app on their smartphone or tablet, including locally stored music, to a single Jongo product. SRP £169.99.

Highway 300Di

Did you know 20% of radio listening is done in the car? so why not bring clear, high performance digital radio to your Dad's ears whilst he's driving by giving him a Highway 300Di. It works with his existing car hi-fi and is discretely installed behind the dashboard or in the glovebox with extension cables run to convenient points for connecting his iPod, iPhone, iPad, USB music device or a USB memory stick. SRP £179.99 (excluding installation).

Use your Move 2500 in the Gym

Any Dads who enjoy keeping fit, embracing the great outdoors or like to listen to live sports commmentary at the football match, would be pleased to receive a Move 2500.

This compact, light, digital and FM radio is ideal if he loves radio on the move. Move 2500 looks great and sounds fantastic, thanks to its supplied in-ear, noise-isolating headphones. Includes a rechargeable battery for hours of portable listening. SRP £79.99

ONE_Elite_Series-II_Black_LifestyleWhen there's a knock at the door or events interrupt his favourite programme,  One Elite Series 2 has a handy pause and rewind feature so he doesn't have to miss a thing.

Pure One Elite Series 2 also has an iPod input and takes an optional rechargeable battery for portable listening. SRP £84.99

Use your One Mini Series II when camping

Packing to go camping is a nightmare for anyone but who wants to go without a little background music to drown out the rain? One Mini Series 2 is small in size but has been designed to deliver punchy audio and volume. It will provide hours of portable listening when fitted with the optional rechargeable battery pack. SRP £49.99

Sensia ColoursSensia 200D Connect, a  fully featured portable music streaming and radio system,  uses its large colour touchscreen to add another dimension to his music collection, radio and more. He can listen to music streamed from an Apple or Android device or from his PC or Mac; listen to internet radio, digital radio, or FM; play on-demand radio programmes, podcasts and ambient sounds; and stream millions of music tracks from our Pure Music subscription service. Whilst investigating new music genres, the touchscreen also brings access to social media apps Twitter and Facebook, news and weather and RSS feeds. SRP £249.99

Move_400D_Sport_LifestyleFor Dad's on the move, Move 400D DAB digital and FM radio is a go-anywhere radio with superb battery life. With support for all current European and Australian digital radio standards and a handy travel alarm, Move 400D is an ideal travelling companion. SRP £89.99

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