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Avalon 300R Connect  uses our parent company Imagination Technologies' market leading Power VR graphics to deliver the most engaging and attractive subscription free TV viewing experience available. The user interface on Avalon offers real depth and perspective making the menus and channel guides a joy to interact with.But did you know you can change the animation effects of the page transitions?

[caption id="attachment_7985" align="alignleft" width="300"]Screens Page peel effect[/caption]

Avalon is the only set top box on the market which allows you to choose from a range of page transitions when changing channels. You can select  effects such as page peel, water ripple, dissolve or random to personalise your set top box.

To select your preferred animation, select "Animation effect" from the "Channels" menu. You can then select the animation effect that is used for screen transitions when you next change channels.

The list of effects include:Pure Avalon 300R Connect lifestyle Page peel - (default) Screen peels from top right hand corner

Swing Open - Screen swings to the right, Fall Away - Screen flips over and falls into the distance, Zoom Dissolve - Screen zooms in then dissolves to black, Circular Wipe - Screen dissolves from centre outwards, Dissolve - Screen dissolves, Vertical Wipe - Screen wipes down from top, Ripple - Screen dissolves in a ripple from centre outwards

Random - one of the above effects randomly used

For more information on Avalon, please see here

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