Did You Know


One Classic Series 2 (SRP £64.99) is a portable digital and FM radio with a host of features. From a handy kitchen timer to an aux input for your iPod/MP3 player, there is something for everyone. Its sleek design is available in a choice of two colours (black and white) and you can insert a Charge PAK for portable listening where ever you go. But did you know it also features a Listen Later function?!

Listen Later enables you to save your favourite digital radio programme and play it back later. Perfect for people who love their radio shows such as the Archers and Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4 as well as your favourite radio plays. The radio programme is stored in memory while the radio is switched on or in standby, until it is eventually overwritten by another. The memory will hold up to about 45 minutes* worth of a typical broadcast and will stop once the memory is full.

Other features include a USB connector for software upgrades.

* Listen Later timings for DAB stations    ONE_Classic_Series-2_Black_Lifestyle

64 kbit/s = 90 mins

80 kbit/s = 75 mins

96 kbit/s = 60 mins

112 kbit/s = 50 mins

128 kbit/s = 45 mins

160 kbit/s = 35 mins

192 kbit/s = 30 mins

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