Father's Day Gift Guide


Make this Father’s Day a special one by giving your Dad something he really wants - a Pure radio!

For Dads that love Sport:

 Highway 300Di (SRP £179.99 excluding installation)

In-Car Digital Radio and Audio Adapter with Full iPod/iPhone/iPad/USB Control

Make sure Dad never misses a match by having Highway 300Di professionally installed before EURO 2012 starts on 8th June. A revolutionary new high-performance in-car adapter, Highway 300Di brings all the benefits of digital radio to the car delivering more choice, as well as dramatically improved digital sound quality for existing AM stations such as BBC 5 Live and talkSPORT. Also enables you to listen on your iPod, iPhone and iPad. Highway 300Di is available through Halfords.

For Dads that love Tech:

Sensia 200D Connect (SRP £249.99)

Wireless music system with a large high-resolution, colour touchscreen

A fully featured wireless music and radio system, Sensia 200D Connect uses Wi-Fi technology to allow users to stream a wide range of audio including millions of songs through Pure Music (subscription required); music stored on a home computer or network storage device; tens of thousands of internet radio stations and hundreds of thousands of podcasts and on demand programmes; a wide range of ambient and natural sounds, as well as digital and FM radio. While listening to their soundtrack of choice, the user can interact with the sophisticated colour touchscreen interface, which is fast and smooth. Users can view weather reports or station slideshows, engage with Twitter and Facebook, keep up to date with selected RSS feeds or use the large colour screen to view photos stored locally or via Picasa.

For Dads that love Music:

Contour 100Di (SRP £99.99)

Dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad with Digital and FM Radio

A compact and stylish iPod, iPhone and iPad dock, Contour 100Di has impressively powerful, detailed audio. Its beautifully engineered revolving dock will accommodate iPod,iPhone and iPad models. Bring millions of tracks, thousands of radio stations, and more to your Contour 100Di with the Pure Lounge app. Available free of charge and suitable for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, the Pure Lounge app gives you free access to thousands of internet radio stations, on demand content (podcasts and listen again programmes) and ambient sounds, as well as all the music you want wherever you want it via the Pure Music subscription service.

For Dads that love exercise:

Move 2500 (SRP £89.99)

Rechargeable Personal Digital and FM Radio

A compact, light personal digital and FM radio, the Pure Move 2500 is ideal for when you’re out and about and with the latest noise-isolating headphones you won’t disturb anyone else! Move 2500 comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which delivers 14 hours of listening per charge making it an ideal jogging or sports companion. Move 2500 is ideal to travel with as its multi-standard digital tuner will pick up local digital stations wherever you go.

For Dads that love the Outdoors:

Oasis Flow (SRP £149.99)

Weatherproof and rechargeable wireless music and radio system.

Practically ready for anything, Oasis Flow is ideal for the bathroom, the beach, the garden, DIY, boating, BBQs and any other outdoor scenario thanks to its rugged and splash resistant case, waterproof vents, durable cast aluminium framework and rubber seals. With up to 10 hours of portable listening and thousands of internet stations, podcasts and listen again content you'll never be stuck for something to listen to! There is also an input for an iPod / MP3 player so Oasis Flow can also be used as a portable iPod speaker.

For Dads that love to Rock:

Evoke 1S Marshall (SRP £119.99)

Portable Digital and FM Radio

Evoke-1S Marshall combines the iconic style of the world’s leading guitar amplifiers with Pure’s multi-award winning Evoke-1S radio to create a radio that really rocks. Evoke-1S Marshall is wrapped in black vinyl, just like a Marshall amp, with solid wood construction, brass-effect control panel and a black metallic speaker grille. The fierce yellow on black display features adjustable brightness and just like its predecessor, the volume dial goes up to 11!

For Dads that love AirPlay:

 Contour 200i Air (SRP £199.99)

Wireless audio system with Apple AirPlay

A powerful and stylish wireless audio system with Apple AirPlay that allows the user to play their music wirelessly via a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch without the need to dock the device. Contour 200i Air is one of the first products with Apple AirPlay to include Wi-Fi login sharing, which means that it is extremely easy to set up! Not only supports wireless streaming, but also includes a dock for iPad, iPhone and iPod for charging as well as music playback.

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