PURE Highway Brings London to a Standstill


The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show brought traffic to a standstill on Friday 26th March 2010 when O’Connell offered free PURE Highway DAB in-car radios to the first 100 vans to come to the national radio station’s HQ in Golden Square, Soho.

Plumbers, builders and delivery men were among the 100s of workers who blocked roads and beeped their horns in the 9am rush hour as office workers hung out of windows and passers by were stopped in their tracks on the daily commute.


Absolute Radio Breakfast Show DJ Christian O’Connell said: “Vans started arriving before 7am and within minutes we were surrounded. I’ve never seen so many people so happy to be sat in a queue and the atmosphere was fantastic. Thankfully the traffic wardens must have been on their morning tea break at the time!”

Among the people driving round Golden Square to win radios worth £79.99 each, were Pimlico Plumbers who sent 6 teams down as soon as they heard the competition announced on Absolute Radio. Darren Campion of Stratford Fine Foods said: “I’ve been here since 6 this morning” and Hayley of Medlock’s Electrical said “I had a pre-historic cassette player till now!”.

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