Hear any music app around your home thanks to Bluetooth Caskeid


We all have our preferences when it comes to listening to music. Some of us like our music ordered in Spotify or Rdio playlists, whereas others  can spend hours searching soundcloud for new music, and then there are those of you who have a more relaxed approach and prefer to sit back and listen to the smooth sound of the radio.

Fear not, thanks to new technology, you can now listen to absolutely any audio app, radio or audiobooks through multiple Jongo speakers around your house.


Regardless of the music service you’re dedicated to, whether you’re Spotify supporter, a Pandora preacher, you like to listen to Beats or Google Play Music, you can now listen to whichever you chose all perfectly synchronised throughout your home.

Dancing around the home from the bedroom to the bathroom (yes we too love to sing in the bath) right through to the kitchen has never been more fun.  Whether it’s slow jams, heavy metal or good old fashion pop, you can now stream it wirelessly around your home.

What’s more, you can also get all your friends involved as they can send over their music to your Jongo speakers via Bluetooth- perfect for a party! Music taste depending…

Set up video

Take a look at the video for more information on how to get set up!


Now for the tech part

How was it all made possible? ‘Bluetooth Caskeid’, a new enhancement to the synchronisation technology used in Jongo speakers. This new update seamlessly delivers music to multiple speakers with a unique combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All you need to do is pick your music or radio app, and send it via Bluetooth to one speaker. The Caskeid technology integrated into the Jongo speakers then takes care of ensuring that music is then seamlessly and synchronously sent to all the speakers in the group.

Caskeid is a patented technology developed by Pure’s parent company, Imagination Technologies, to deliver exceptionally accurate wireless multiroom connected audio streaming. The unique technology delivers outstanding audiophile-quality stereo playback with less than 25µs synchronisation accuracy, providing a true ‘Wi-Fi Hi-Fi’ experience that is good enough to replace wires.

PolicyMic have picked 13 Essential Music Apps That Aren't Pandora or Spotify- have a look here to see how yours compare. Don’t forget you can start a multiroom system for £200- so there’s even more reason to get your Jongo on! (Our price promotion is running until 12th June).

For more information, please visit www.pure.com/wireless or www.caskeid.com