Did You Know...


Last week, we launched our new Evoke F4 digital and internet radio with multi-room Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But did you know it is compatible with existing Jongo products?

graniteEvoke F4 (SRP £179.99) enables users to enjoy perfectly synchronised audio throughout their home. Just like members of the Jongo family, Evoke F4 can be used on its own or grouped with other Jongo speakers to deliver a quality, simple and flexible audio system.Bluetooth is included for casual one to one streaming from a mobile device. If you're looking to play music in different rooms and expand your multiroom system, add extra Jongo speakers or adaptors then connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

Other features include a headphone socket and support for an optional matching stereo speaker.

 For hi-res images or samples, please email sarah.riley@pure.com