Did You Know...


We have recently launched our Evoke F4, a digital and internet radio with Bluetooth and the ability to stream a world of multiroom audio entertainment,  which is also compatible with Pure’s award-winning Jongo multiroom music system. But did you know there are also compatible accessories?

[caption id="attachment_9831" align="alignleft" width="210"]Evoke_F4_Stereo_Speaker Evoke F4 Stereo speaker[/caption]

Add an additional speaker for high-quality stereo sound from your Evoke F4 which is designed to match the F4 in style and finish.  The stereo speaker features a matching full-range 3" drive unit, is bass-ported and has a 3m cable. For wireless listening, add an optional ChargePAK F1 rechargeable battery pack and listen to your product wherever you go (SRP £34.99). Also available is a USB ethernet adaptor as an alternative to Wi-Fi connection (SRP £19.99).

 Evoke F4 enables users to enjoy perfectly synchronised music throughout their home. Other features include recording live and internet radio, touch sensitive controls and sleep/kitchen timers. SRP £169.99.

For hi-res images and samples, please email sarah.riley@pure.com