PURE's BBQ radio and recipe tips


A summer BBQ is one of life's simple pleasures. What could be better than mingling with your friends and family on a hazy, sunny day with fresh food and cool drinks? According to online weather predictions we can expect a good deal of dry and warm weather this summer so it's time to get the BBQ out!

So to bring this together, all you  need is the background music of your choice.

 The PURE Oasis Flow (SRP£149.99) weatherproof and rechargeable internet-connected digital radio lets you listen to your choice of music in the way that you want to. Tune in to digital radio and create a relaxed atmosphere with Chill FM or or turn up the volume and blast out Planet Rock. Alternatively, search for internet radio stations wirelessly and listen to whatever genre of music you and your friends are into. If you want to listen to your own music, the Oasis Flow acts as a portable iPod speaker.

The Oasis flow is not only stylish to look at but also made of tough stuff . The ruggedised exterior is made up of a splash resistant case, waterproof vents, durable cast aluminium framework and rubber seals. So if the unit is knocked or dropped the music will play on!

With an integrated ChargePAK battery which provides up to ten hours of portable listening, allowing you to party on all evening!

 For a mouth watering bbq recipe to try, why not give this one a go......

Banana and bacon kebabs

Blend some honey and soy sauce in a bowl with a little lemon juice.

Chops the bananas into 4 pieces.

Pour the marinade over the bananas and stir lightly.

marinate the bananas for about 30 minutes.

Wrap bacon (or pancetta) around eash piece of banana and secure with a wooden cocktail stick.

Place the kebabs onto the bbq and cook untill the bacon turns crispy.