Festival Listening


Whether camping on the festival field, listening live from the garden deckchair or sitting at work wishing you'd bought a ticket, we have a radio for all to catch up on live festival broadcasts.

Live music on a digital radio will be hiss and crackle free, so no interference equals a clear listening experience.

MOVE (SRP 89.99) is a palm-sized compact digital and FM radio, which offers the clarity and convenience of digital radio through speaker or headphones in a go-anywhere package with over 40 hours battery life. Despite its compact size Move has a wealth of features including: textSCAN to pause and control scrolling text, 20 presets, an auxiliary input for connecting your iPod/MP3 player and a mini USB connection for future product upgrades.


Small and light, ONE Mini (SRP £44.99) is an ideal travelling companion, providing up to 20 hours of portable listening when fitted with the optional rechargeable ChargePAK. It can also act as a speaker for an iPod or MP3 player thanks to its auxiliary input connection. ONE Mini has been engineered to provide surprisingly punchy audio quality and volume for its size.


PocketDAB 1500 (SRP £89.99) is a personal digital radio device which allows optimum on-the-go listening. Ideal while travelling , camping on  a festival field and anywhere where you want to listen without disturbing others, PocketDAB 1500 is compact, uncomplicated and stylish. With 20 presets users can flick between  different stations with ease, meaning they won't miss a thing. Digital radio also enables many more features, including scrolling text which can display up to date festival information broadcast from the station.


If you  don't want to miss out on the music whilst stuck in a traffic jam, the  Highway (SRP £79.99) is a complete adaptor solution for the car that allows the user to listen to digital radio on the car’s existing FM audio system.  Simply tune the car radio to the FM frequency shown on Highway’s display to listen to digital radio or an iPod/MP3 player. Highway is packed with great, easy-to-use features such as ReVu to pause and skip back through live digital radio, quickSCAN to find free FM transmission frequencies, and 4 FM transmission presets (synchronize these with your car radio’s FM presets to make avoiding interference a breeze). You can even take Highway from the car when your journey’s over and carry on listening using headphones.

Here are our top 10 summer  feativals and the stations covering them:

T in the Park -  10th June (BBC Radio 1, NME Radio)

Isle of Wight Festival - 11th-13th June (Absolute Radio)

Rock Ness - 11th-13th June (BBC Radio 1)

Download Festival - 11th-13th June (Absolute Radio)

Glastonbury - 23rd-27th June (BBC Radio 1, 6Music)

Hard Rock Calling - 25th-27th June (Absolute Radio)

Wireless Festival - 2nd-4th July (Kiss 100)

Latitude - 15th-18th July (Absolute Radio)

Reading  & Leeds - 27th-29th Aug (NME, BBC Radio 1)

Bestival - 9th-12th September (BBC Radio 1)