DiscovR’s first review is a perfect five stars!


We’re delighted to share the first ever review for our brand-new DiscovR smart speaker...and it’s a perfect five-star rating from TechRadar! Launched in June, DiscovR offers an intuitive design that combines cutting-edge voice technology and connectivity with enhanced privacy, music discovery and tactile controls.

In their review, TechRadar loved the DiscovR’s ‘phenomenal’ sound – giving an expansive and detailed quality to music and voice.  Of the many features praised by the website, Quick Corners were also highlighted as an ‘incredibly smart use’ of Alexa’s features.

In their final verdict, TechRadar say: ‘If you’re on the lookout for a quality smart speaker that delivers on voice control, sound quality, and an innovative design – and with an eye firmly on user privacy – the Pure DiscovR is exactly what you need.’

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