Pure's 10 most iconic moments in radio history

At Pure, we absolutely love radio. It’s who we are. We also understand its importance as a platform to the most iconic and treasured moments in history. The origins of radio began when Guglielmo Marconi first sent the Morse code signal for ‘S’ across the Atlantic, and since then, it has played an integral part in a number of monumental events that have shaped our present day world.

Now, it’s your turn to discover the top ten most iconic moments in radio history with the help of our handy infographic. Be sure to scroll down to hear clips of the actual broadcasts – transporting you to some of the planet’s biggest historical milestones.

1. I Have a Dream

2. War Is Declared

3. Japan Attacks Pearl Harbour

4. War of the Worlds

5. Marconi's Transmission

6. D-Day Invasion

7. Monroe Interview

8. Hindenberg Disaster

9. Cuban Missile Crisis

10. Winston Churchill's Speech