Pure celebrates 10 years of the Evoke with a special competition for Facebook fans


As part of our tenth birthday celebrations we have been searching for the earliest Evoke-1 and our biggest fans!

Hundreds of Pure Facebook fans have sent us their Evoke-1 pictures and stories as part of our 10 week competition and you can see some of the best entries we have had so far in our Evoke-1 collage below. If you see your image here, visit our Facebook page and tag yourself in it - http://www.facebook.com/PURE

Evoke Collage

We have also had some great story entries and here are just three of them:

Emma - "We moved into our new home on the day of the Royal Wedding and a street party with Union Jacks decorating the street. One of the first things we unpacked was our Evoke radio which continues to be our main music supply in the kitchen and will remind us of moving in, Union Jacks and happy times. We would love an Evoke Union Jack radio in the kitchen and would move our current one to our bedroom to motivate us to get up in the morning."

Peter - "My Pure digital radio brought me into a new enlightened way to listen to radio. The feel if the tune was right with its silent click sensation, the look of real wood reminds me of radios past and the whopping sound made it stand out from the rest. A whopping room filling room sound that no analogue radio could deliver."

Vicki - "I bought an Evoke for my grandparents as a Christmas present when they moved into their new home when they retired. They loved listening together in the kitchen to Radio 4 and Classic FM. I once commented how much birdsong could be heard in their garden, until it was pointed out it was a station on the radio! Since my grandfather has died it is now used day and night, as a voice and friend around the house during the day and night."

Evoke Mio Union Jack

One Mini Union Jack

If you have an early Evoke-1 send us the serial number on the back of your Evoke through our Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/PURE -and you could win a limited edition Evoke Mio Union Jack! Each week we are also rewarding the best picture or story with a One Mini Union Jack. The owner of the earliest Evoke will win a unique Evoke Mio Union Jack with a special commemerative plaque.

Enter today - http://www.facebook.com/PURE