Picasa now available on Sensia


PURE has added Picasa, the free photo editing and sharing software from Google, to its groundbreaking internet-connected digital radio, Sensia. Picasa joins as the latest app available on Sensia and will sit alongside Facebook, Twitter and Weather.

The Picasa app on Sensia allows users to view photos that they have uploaded to Picasa Web Albums without the need to switch on their computer. Users can log into their Picasa account on Sensia and view a slideshow of their photos from a list of albums either on Sensia’s visual panel or full screen. Captions can be overlaid and the timing of the slideshow can be controlled and paused. There is also a useful help section which explains how to use the Picasa app.

The app adds a further facet to the Sensia's functionality, enhancing the way photos can be shared and viewed at home with friends and family.

Picasa is now available through a free software download. For more information, please visit www.pure.com or contact sophie.osman@pure.com