The best internet radio stations for discovering new music

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One of our favourite things about radio is how it opens up a world of discovery. Whether it’s a brand-new artist’s breakthrough single or a rarity from a legendary band, it’s hard to top the excitement of hearing something for the first time that immediately grabs your attention.

If you’re partial to trying out a new genre or love to brag about unearthing the next big thing, then check out our picks of the best internet radio stations for discovering new music.

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BBC Radio 6 Music

Back in 2010, BBC Radio 6 Music was an endangered species. Facing closure only eight years after hitting the airwaves, the station was eventually rescued thanks to a huge campaign led by its cult following and a raft of iconic musicians. Now, it’s one of the most listened to digital radio stations in the UK. So, why do fans love it? For many, it’s because the station has helped them discover so many new, and sometimes old, artists and songs. On top of its eclectic mix of music – from folk, to soul, to world music – the station welcomes exciting guests hosts, airs live performance sessions and has even launched an annual music festival.

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Worldwide FM

Just as the name suggests, Worldwide FM bring its listeners content from all corners of the globe. Based at its HQ in London, the station also has branches in Berlin, Kyoto, Los Angeles, Paris, Rio, Tokyo and beyond. Founded by electronic DJ Gilles Peterson, it’s the perfect platform for discovering underground music, culture and stories from all over the world – with programming covering live sessions, interviews, discussions and more. The station also enlists a host of global ambassadors, giving them the opportunity to shift the focus onto their local music scenes.  

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Amazing Radio

Amazing Radio, based in the English city of Newcastle, are all about shining a spotlight on the UK’s next biggest musical talents. Staying true to their tagline, ‘you heard it here first’, their playlist is exclusively made up of tracks from new and emerging artists from across the alternative music scene. They’re also happy to give a leg-up to any unsigned band or solo artist, who can submit their music to the station for a chance of being played on air.

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Living up to France’s reputation when it comes to cutting-edge culture, this Parisien station plays an awesome blend of leftfield and alternative music from around the globe. With true Gallic flair, FIP effortlessly segues Marvin Gaye into Mexican mariachi, into Metallica and everything in between. If you’re open-minded listener looking to feast on a buffet of music genres, then this ad-free radio station is just the ticket.

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KCRW Eclectic 24

Part of the KCRW radio family, broadcasting live from Los Angeles’ Santa Monica College, this 24-hour station prides itself on blending the collected talents and tastes of all its DJs into a single voice. This makes it the perfect breeding ground for new musical discoveries – ranging from underground artists with cult followings, to the hottest new acts on the scene.

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Vintage FM

Discovering new music isn’t always about listening to the latest releases. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. The perfect antidote for listeners who live on a diet of pure chart music, Vintage FM in Sydney, Australia, only plays music that is over 40 years old and was originally released on vinyl. Think Diana Ross, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra and more. While younger audiences may scoff at this concept, it’s a golden opportunity to discover a long list of inspirational musicians who ultimately helped to shape the artists of today.

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