Are you ready for the new Chris Evans show on Virgin Radio? Here’s how you can listen


Does it feel like your mornings are missing something? Perhaps a certain breakfast radio stalwart? Well worry not, because fans of Chris Evans Breakfast Show will be able kick-start their day with him once again when he returns to Virgin Radio from Monday 21st January!

Every weekday from 6.30am to 10am, Mr Evans will be joined by his trusty crew to ensure the nation wakes up with a smile on their face. Plus, with no ad breaks interrupting the show, listeners can enjoy even more great music and chat.

But, did you know that the radio you listened to him on Radio 2 with may not be able to pick up Virgin Radio? This is because Virgin can only be listened to via digital radio, which older analogue radios won’t receive.

Make sure you’re ready for your daily morning fix with Pure. We’ve got you covered wherever you want to listen, whether that’s while you’re wirelessly charging your smartphone in the bedroom with Siesta Charge, or over breakfast in the kitchen on the compact and stylish Evoke H3.

If you don’t have digital radio in your car, then transform your morning commute with a Highway adapter – which adds digital radio, music streaming and so much more to any vehicle’s existing audio system.

Already got a Pure DAB radio at home or in the car? You may need to retune your device to receive Virgin Radio and enjoy the new Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

To pick up any new station which has started broadcasting you need to use the 'Autotune' feature on your radio. Using this feature will rescan and update your station list with all the current available stations in your area, including any new ones which have started broadcasting. They will now be available for you to select.

Check your user guide here for details on how to use 'Autotune'. You can also find more general retuning instructions here.