Norway makes radio history


A post a little different to our usual, but as the pioneers of digital radio today marks a momentous occasion and we wanted to share the news with you.

At 11.11am on the 11th of the 1st 2017, Norway made radio history as it became the first country in the world to start switching off its FM radio network in favour of digital.

So, what’s the big deal? Well for the last 84 years the world has been listening to FM broadcasting, it’s formed a huge part of everyday life. From emergency transmissions to the charts it’s served us well; but times have changed and the world is going digital. Just like the TV went from black and white to full on vibrant colour, radio is doing the same thanks to digital radio. 

Norway, with its population of around 5million, has been preparing for the switchover for a few years now with DAB and FM existing side-by-side since 1995. The big switch-off begins in Nordland, in the country's north, before expanding to the rest of the country by the end of the year.

The process will be watched closely in Europe by Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Britain, where listeners have taken strongly to digital radio and all plan to shut down FM radio broadcasts at some point in the future.

So the race is on…which country will be next to make the switch to digital?

Picture: Bodø, where the first switch off took place.