Get Moving this January with the Move 2500

All that turkey, wine, chocolate and roast potatoes has caught up with us over Christmas, so we’re on a hunt for the best gadgets to help us get fit in the New Year. We’ll be joining the masses getting a gym membership in January to start burning off those mince pies!

1. Move 2500

Get DAB radio on the move with the Pure Move 2500 and listen whilst you're gymming, running and cycling with in-ear, noise-isolating headphones.

2. Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is a great way to make working out at home more enjoyable and strengthen those core muscles.

3. Smart Scales

Get some scales that will keep you motivated - measuring your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index, you can get a full picture of how the gym is paying off. It also connects to Wi-Fi and can be synced to your smartphone app so you can track your progress on the go.

4. Jawbone Activity Tracker

A wearable bracelet that tracks many activities on its accompanying app – such as sleep quality, fitness workouts and even dietary intake. Connect with your friends on the app to keep motivation up and reach goals together.

5. Nutribullet

Get your 5-a-day and keep the nutrients in your smoothies with this compact blender.

Will you be using any gadgets to help you get fit in the New Year?