How to Keep Your Motivation Momentum this January



We’re all familiar with the fitness boom that overcomes January. Suddenly, classes at your local gym are booked for months, ten minute waits for a treadmill are the norm and it’s impossible to get away from everyone’s #cleaneating Instagrams.

It isn’t until the third or final week in January when momentum starts to stumble. The cold, miserable weather makes that calorie packed take-away look all that more appealing and the thought of that fifteen minute walk to the gym seems unthinkable.

So how do we make sure we keep to our  New Year’s resolutions? It’s been scientifically proven that music provides the motivation we need to get moving and causes a positive attitude change whilst exercising . The body naturally wants to move and synchronise with music and it can also distract you from feelings of pain, physical exhaustion and boredom. The ideal music to work out to is anything between 125 and 140 BPM (beats per minute).

We’ve compiled a selection of upbeat, high-tempo tracks to keep your blood pumping and morale high, so if you’re feeling a little discouraged check out this playlist out a more productive work out.