Pure outlines technology trends for 2014 - high quality audio


According to Gartner, IT spending is set to hit $3.8 trillion in 2014 – up 3.6 per cent on the last year – with uplift driven by the growing adoption of connected devices, ranging from jewellery to refrigerators.

The stage is set for a series of shifts that will affect how we use technology in everyday life. We will be wearing more technology, enjoying higher quality audio/video and streaming more content than ever before.

3. Pure outlines technology trends for 2014 - high-quality audio

iStock_000006942237Small (2)In the past, people have accepted lower quality audio as the norm as the technology and hardware to deliver high quality audio wasn’t accessible to the mainstream and high quality audio content wasn’t available. However, we know that people are searching for a better quality listening experience. This is demonstrated by our global research study, which shows that over 90 per cent of participants rank quality as very or fairly important when listening to music or other audio content.*

A significant group, almost 20 per cent, also said they would be happy to download larger files to achieve better quality audio.* With affordable storage space, ample bandwidth and appropriate hardware and content becoming available, music lovers do not need to settle for compressed file formats anymore.

Running in parallel, consumption of digital audio files has already overtaken physical formats such as CD, cassette and vinyl (45 per cent to 41 per cent respectively) and is set to take over as the dominant way of consuming audio.* In fact, consumer spending on cloud-based audio is set to represent 71 per cent of consumer spending on recorded music by 2016.** In addition, the recent on-going roll out of the 4G network has made the consumption of high quality audio through smartphones and tablets a real possibility and adoption of this new technology is likely to go mass market once phones and contracts are upgraded and renewed.

Says Nick Hucker, Pure’s marketing director: “High quality audio and listening to audio that is as close to the original studio experience will become just as accessible as MP3s but without the compromise on quality. It is set to be the next big thing - especially if it is easy to access and to listen to. As a result, we predict a movement towards higher quality music streaming services and will be looking to introduce higher quality options within our Pure Connect subscription music service offering during 2014.”

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*global study carried out for Pure by Audiencenet