Pure outlines technology trends for 2014 - fashion and personalisation merging with technology


According to Gartner, IT spending is set to hit $3.8 trillion in 2014 – up 3.6 per cent on the last year – with uplift driven by the growing adoption of connected devices, ranging from jewellery to refrigerators.

The stage is set for a series of shifts that will affect how we use technology in everyday life. We will be wearing more technology, enjoying higher quality audio/video and streaming more content than ever before.

1. Fashion and personalisation merging with technology

2014 will see a continued growth in fashion influencing the design of the latest gadgets. Colours are everywhere from smartphones to cameras and many of these products are customisable so consumers can put their own stamp on their tech. The most pervasive example of this is smartphone and tablet cases but we will see personalisation growing in other areas such as interchangeable speaker grilles or side panels for toasters.

ClementineAt Pure, we have successfully offered colour and designer options for our Evoke Mio digital radio range for a number of years and are now extending this with the Jongo multiroom speaker system, which we designed with personalisation and customisation in mind. Jongo has interchangeable speaker grilles so customers can purchase new colours to accessorise their speakers. This flexible approach allows us to update the colours on offer to match the latest trends and two new ranges have been launched at this year’s CES based on the Pantone Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Report.

New 'Vibrant' interchangeable speaker grillesJongo_Colour_Neutral

The introduction and increase of so-called wearable tech products has already increased the influence fashion has on gadgets, from Google Glass, Fitbit and Pebble to a series of O2 handbags that double as phones. This trend has led to an increase in consumer electronics companies considering both men and women in the design of their products and accessories. Says CEO of Lady Geek @belindaparmar: “Women are big spenders when it comes to consumer electronics; they outspend men 3 to 2 on technology and influence 57 percent of new technology purchases. Brands are starting to take notice of this and are developing products that appeal to women such as the introduction of more streamlined designs without wires, greater colour and size choice as well as fashion designer partnerships.”

Says Nick Hucker, Pure’s marketing director : “We take design just as seriously as audio quality at Pure and our engineering design team has put a lot of care and attention into all aspects of the Jongo multiroom speaker system. In addition to customisable speaker grilles, Jongo has a streamlined look and feel and the speakers are wireless so they don’t clutter the home environment. There are also well-engineered stands for selected speakers so that customers can choose to place them in a portrait position, thereby saving space. 2014 will continue this theme as we’ll be introducing customisation to more of our products in 2014 and announcing more fashion designer tie-ups.”

Two new ranges of interchangeable grilles for the Jongo multiroom speaker system were launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and include Pantone's 'It' colour for 2014, 'Radiant Orchid' and 'Dazzling Blue', which was used by the most fashion designers at New York fashion week. Read all about it here