January workout inspiration via Pure Connect’s free radio and on demand content


January 2014 has quickly come around, and with the Christmas indulgence drawing to a close, it’s a time when many people decide to get fit and healthy- so we’ve put together a series of blogs to give you fitness inspiration with Jongo!

Young happy woman doing fitness exercises with ball at homeNot all of us want to go the gym - so we’ve got the solution for working out in the comfort of your own home. Our versatile Jongo multiroom speakers are just right for blasting those fitness tracks through your house. With four speaker sizes to choose from, there will be one that’s perfect for whatever room you choose, and our Jongo S3 is a portable speaker so you can even take that outside for a work out in the fresh air!

Simply use your smartphone or tablet to control your Jongo speakers wirelessly and streCut outsam content stored on your PC or device. You can also choose from the thousands of radio stations and podcasts on the free Pure Connect app- there are radio stations dedicated completely to fitness such as Radio 24 Shape, and podcasts from Men’s Fitness to give you inspiration.

Why not give these 10 ways to boost fitness on Men’s Health a go or check out the top ten ways to get fit at home with FitWatch?

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