How does music aid memory?


revisingBeing back at work and into a routine after a long break can often take some getting used to - but did you know that music not only aids concentration at work but can also help you to recall information in the future?

Henry L. Roediger III, professor of psychology at the Memory Lab at Washington University, has explained how putting information and tunes together can make it easier to remember things that slip our minds. For example, some people have memorised every state in the US with rhymes, and doctors have even recalled how to treat asthma patients using rock classic, Breakfast at Tiffanys. ‘Music’, says Roediger, ‘provides a rhythm, a rhyme and often, alliteration’.

So next time you’re revising for an exam or having trouble committing your presentation to memory, reach for a playlist you can listen to again and again. Not only will your ‘happy’ music put you in a receptive mood but the repetitive nature of listening to the tunes should enhance memory.

There are lots of study albums and concentration music compilations out there - take a look at the variety of choice on Pure Jongo_Family_VibrantConnect such as Study Music and  Music to Study to  and try them out. These study aids are available to purchase or free to stream if you subscribe to our music service. You can then listen in great quality through our Jongo wireless multiroom speakers.

We’re all for music - especially if it helps us remember niggly things we always forget. So if you’ve ever remembered something - your pin number, your bike lock- or something more technical with the help of music, let us know and we’ll share our favourites!