What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?


CES 2013 - the biggest consumer electronics show on the calendar in Las Vegas. It's hard work but let us not forget how fun Las Vegas is. Here are a few snapshots from our recent trip to Paradise, Nevada where we showcased the new additions to our Jongo multiroom music system.

CES Unveiled might be the craziest press event but it has some fun elements (yes, really!). Colin Crawford, director of marketing, was interviewed for Dave Graveline's Into Tomorrow radio show, we were all interviewed on camera and we also got to meet lots of US press and some familiar UK journalists.

Pure does CES Unveiled Noam Meppen, director of sales US, talks to journalists

Tuesday was the first day of the show and packed full of meetings with US journalists and UK press who we missed on Sunday at Unveiled. It was also the first time that Colin had been treated to a makeover for his interview with CNET on the Best of British panel!

Colin gets a makeover Colin on the Best of British CNET panel

We were really pleased with our stand at the Las Vegas convention centre and everyone was impressed by our Jongo wall. The colours of our Jongo products really drew people in and made for great video interviews for the likes of LAPTOP and CBS.

LAPTOP film on the Pure standPure stand

It was great to see so many UK journalists in Vegas and here are some pictures from some of our evenings out.

Paul, Vicky, Dan, Chloe, Joe and SophieVicky decides that walking on the escalator is not fun enough!

Enjoying the fountain viewChloe, Emily, Olly, Vicky, Richard and Andy

Vicky gets a little lift from Dan!Chloe and Dan enjoy the best chocolate souffle!

We also had great times with our colleagues at the show and at the Imagination Technologies company dinner.

Michael (IMG), Vicky and Paul (IMG)Paul (IMG), Non (Pure), Nicola (IMG), Chloe (Pure)Vicky and Chloe with the Cookie Monster Noam Meppen (Director of Sales US) and Alasdair copy Big Bird

Chloe and Vicky relax at the end of a long week!We had a great CES 2013. We met some great new contacts, got great feedback and had some great nights out, so thanks to all of you who made it happen!


From Chloe and Vicky xx