A Pure music system for all the mums out there!


Mother's Day, 10th March - it's time to appreciate all the wonderful things our mums do for us and make them feel really special. Of course, a helping hand or a caring gesture goes a long way and so can the gift of music with a Pure radio system!

All you have to do is decide what kind of mum she is. Is she a gardening mum? action mum? sporty mum? We've got something for all the super-mums out there.

Fashionable Mum

Evoke_Mio_Orla_Kiely_ButtercupOur latest addition to the Pure Evoke Mio Orla Kiely range has arrived just in time for Mother's Day!

This custom designed luxurious digital and FM portable radio features the stylish Striped Petal print. Perfect for Fashionista Mum's, the Evoke Mio Striped Petal channels Orla chic and adds a glamourous touch to any room. It also has an aux input for an iPod or MP3 player so you can listen to your own music as well as 30 presets on digital and FM radio. For the Mums who love to cook, the Evoke Mio has a handy kitchen timer. It also takes an optional E1 Charge PAK for go anywhere listening for up to 24 hours!

For more information on Evoke Mio - Striped Petal, please click here. (SRP £149.99)

Traditional Mum

The Evoke-1S  is still our most iconic radio to date. The wooden cased digital/FM radio boasts a host of features which includes the option to preset up to 30 radio stations; a dedicated kitchen timer button and the ability to connect your iPod/MP3 player amoungst others.

Fit the optional ChargePak and the Evoke-1S is ready to take away. (SRP £99)

Sporty Mum

For sporty mums out there we have the Move 2500, a take-anywhere pocket sized DAB/FM radio.

Ideal while jogging, walking or travelling to work, the uncomplicated and stylish Move 2500 is great for anywhere where she wants to listen without disturbing others. (SRP £79.99)

Gardening Mum

For the keen gardener, consider the Jongo S340B. This  is great portable wireless speaker with  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and 360° sound.

Once connected to the wi-fi network she can enjoy synchronised music, radio and much more, streamed from her smartphone, tablet or compatible Pure products. For more casual audio streaming, she can also use Bluetooth to stream one-to-one from a huge range of mobile devices. The first product in our Jongo multiroom family, the S340B can be placed wherever she likes thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery pack and the sound can be boosted for outdoor listening. (SRP £149.99)

Gourmet Mum

The Evoke Mio is ideal for the keen cook. This classic easy-to-use digital and FM radio is available in ten striking two-tone colour schemes: teal, grape, cherry, noir, rose, paprika, seagrass, pepper, sage and mustard. An extensive colour range designed to complement any style of kitchen finish.

The Evoke Mio features a handy kitchen timer, alarm, auto-dimming OLED display and an input for her iPod. (SRP £129.99)

Action Mum 

A rugged compact DAB digital and FM radio, Move 400D is a go-anywhere radio with superb battery life. Great for picnics, walks and camping trips, this little chap boasts good looks and a punchy sound. (SRP £89.99)

Designer Mum

For all those design concious mums out there this is truly a  unique version of our Evoke Mio radio featuring the signature Stem print and styling from the internationally renowned fashion designer, Orla Kiely. Features a clear OLED display, an input for her iPod/MP3 player, Intellitext and textSCAN. Takes an optional ChargePAK E1 for portable listening. (SRP £149.99)

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