Beat the January blues with PURE!


Beat the January blues with PURE’s handy gift guide.   

While research shows that January is the month for winter blues to set in, our handy gift guide can help you get through it.       

The Christmas frivolities are well and truly over and we are left with large credit card statements, tighter clothes, impossible to keep resolutions, dark mornings and the cold, cold weather!       

We may not be able to change the weather or pay your bills but here are some tips and suggested products to help guide you through the January glum days.       


Cheer up by keeping active. Why not take a brisk walk or run while listening to your favourite radio station on PURE's PocketDAB 1500 personal digital radio.       

Pocket DAB 1500 SRP £89.99    

Eat well and healthily. Liven up your time spent cooking with one of PURE's kitchen radios like the bright and cheery EVOKE Mio in chili red.    

EVOKE Mio SRP £149.99 

Keep in touch with friends.  Using the large touchscreen interface on the internet connected Sensia you can see what your friends are up to via the Facebook app whilst  listening to your favourite music! Sensia SRP £249.99 

 Take up a new hobby. PURE's Flow based radios like ONE Flow offer a world of inspiration. You can search for on-demand content on various subjects like languages or sport from around the world to give you ideas.    

 ONE Flow SRP £99.99
Take a break or plan a holiday to look forward to. PURE’s Move is a great travel radio and Oasis Flow is both rechargeable and weatherproof so great for those outdoor parties.  

 Move SRP £79.99               Oasis Flow £169.99 

 Get enough good quality sleep. PURE’s Twilight has been designed to help you wake up naturally thanks to its innovative and eco-friendly dawn simulator lamp and relaxing wake up sounds such as ‘Dawn Chorus’ or ‘church bells’. Twilight can also help you drift off to sleep thanks to relaxing sounds and mood lighting which can be set to fade out just as you nod off.       

Twilight SRP £119.99