Why Pure has been Sounding On in Italy at #Crespiforum



Italy’s hidden gem, embracing technology and preserving its history

Located between two rivers in a protected area of Parco Adda Nord, 35 KM east of Milan, lies a hidden gem of Italy: the small village of Crespi d’Adda.

Crespi d’Adda is Europe’s best-preserved company-town was officially made a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995 and on Sunday its future was decided at the #Crespiforum. We’e proud to have supported such a culturally significant event alongside #Expoinviaggio.

While citizens and local authorities descended on #Expoinviaggio, we ensured that every voice was heard loud and clear with the help of our Pure’s Jongo T6 speakers. With everyone from residents, to professors, journalists, authorities and more, all there to have a say and we’re pleased to have provided the tools for the day.

The use of modern audio technology at yesterday’s event may have seemed at odds with the surroundings; Crespi d’Adda hasn’t changed since the 1930s – the houses, the urban structure, the boundaries are all the same! Crespi is considered the most complete and best-preserved company town in Europe, completely designed around a textile factory.

It has a soul of its own, essentially untouched by time. A visit can transport you out of the boundaries of time and space. It’s rare to be able to literally walk into a scene out of history, so it’s clear to see why the preservation of this town is so important.

Crespi is now planning its future, which includes the recovery of the 100.000sqm old factory into new areas and new industrial activities in the digital age. Despite appearances, the village is not just a monument, it’s a lived in thriving community, so these decisions will affect future generations of locals.

Thanks to its perfect preservation, Crespi has become a great international campus. Precious industrial archeological areas have been opened up to international enterprise and investors.

The Milan International Expo, which runs from May to October this year, would be a great opportunity to visit this hidden Italian gem, which balances modern technology with the perseveration of its history.